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“Rianna's experience successfully opening and operating the largest and most luxurious Spas in the USA is unsurpassed. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.” June 8, 2010
John Mavros, Pres/CFO, Preferred Hotel Management Corp

I have known Rianna Riego for twelve years, we first met at the Esmeralda Renaissance in Indian Wells, CA at the time she was the Spa Director.  I rely on Rianna  as is well informed on all aspects of spa business, trends and insider knowledge. In addition she is well connected and respected in the spa communiity, attending major events around the world. I have quoted her often in my travel/spa columns as I rely on her expertise and insider status.
Pamela Price, Co-Author 100 Best Spas of the World

“Rianna is the consummate professional. Some words that aptly describe her include passionate, articulate, inquisitive, humble, intelligent, intuitive and analytical. Her personality is sparkling, but also caring, nurturing and genuine. She is a wonderful individual to know, or to work with, or to have on any team.” April 20, 2010
Terry Herman, Consultant, Writer, Reviewer, Motivational Speaker

“Rianna is well known for her spa operations savvy. She has spent many years making spas more profitable and is always looking for ways to make businesses better. She balances fairness in working with the staff and profitability to ownership. She has been a strong asset to the companies that she has worked with.”
Christi Cano, President/Founder, Innovative Spa Productions, Spa Consulting Company

“I have known Rianna professionally for over 8 years and have the utmost respect for this very accomplished lady. Her career has grown vertically as a direct result of seizing opportunities, inviting and conquering challenges and facing all situations head on, with a no nonsense, get it done attitude, wrapped in a veil of graciousness and charm. I wish her every success in her new venture!”
Susie Marquez, Regional Spa Director, Marriott's Grand Hotel

“I have known Rianna in a professional and personal level for many years and she has always been a trustworthy, knowledgable and reliable individual. Her understanding of the spa industry is remarkable. She is an extremely motivated person who strives to be the best in everything she does. I would highly recommend Rianna for her expertise in spa development, management and productivity. Rianna has definately proven herself to be one of the top leaders in the industry.”
Linnea Robertson,
Spa Director, The Balboa Bay Club & Resort

“Rianna is one of the most respected collegues in the Spa and Hospitality industry. She is the consumate professional, extremely knowledgeable, personable and a caring individual. You only have to look at the success of La Costa and their glorious Spa to know that when Rianna takes on a project it is completed to the highest of excellence. I feel that any adventure that Rianna pursues,if you are fortunate enough to work with her, you will have the greatest support."
Angela Taverner, Spa Director, Red Rock Casino Resort Spa

“Rianna is a true leader in our industy! I have been to many events with her and she is well known and respected in many circles. Rianna sets a great example for all of us not only as a professional but also as a great person. She has had much success at the many companies she has worked for creating financal success and great employee relationships bringing balance to her work place for all.”
Michelle Schlekewey, Spa Director, JC Resorts

“It brings me great pleasure to recommend Rianna to any company. She is a very experienced business woman who knows the spa industry inside and out. She is successful at setting goals, implementing new procedures and exceeding budgeted revenues. Rianna is dedicated to building strong networking relationships. She is not only a fantastic Spa Director she brings a high operational energy everywhere she goes.”
Amber Loose, Spa Director, Exhale Spa

“Rianna is one of those people that you often think about working with but never quite feel you deserve her. She is an all round fantastic manager with spa knowledge so deep it would take you years to tap into it. Having her on your team will create revenue, and expedite your business to that next level in record time. She will save you money on hiring additional bodies as she is well versed in all aspects of spa, merchandising front and back of the house. She is easy to work with and will be an asset to your team.” April 20, 2010
Michele Flamer, Owner, M. Flamer Consulting

“Rianna is a very experienced Spa professional with a full spectrum of tools and resources at her disposal. Our first exposure to Rianna was when she opened JW Marriott Starr Pass as a dynamic Spa Director. It has been a pleasure to continue to watch her success professionally and personally.”
Kim Matheson Shedrick, President / CEO, Natural Resources Spa Consulting, Inc.

“If you want to get something done in the Spa World with style and flair, call Rianna Riego. She can do anything, make it look effortless and the result will be a Spa you can be proud of. I had the pleasure of opening Spa Esmeralda with Rianna in Palm Desert CA and was so impressed with her knowledge, her professional manner and her passion. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is a gem.” June 7, 2010
Susan Hartzler, President, Alpha Dog Public Relations

“The thing I admire and love most about Rianna is she speaks her mind -- yet at the same time she always has the most incredible ideas. Rianna has the skill of being extraordinarily insightful and she goes to the core of challenges, issues and opportunities with an unparalleled combination of big ideas, big opinions and best of all...success. An immense talent in the spa industry she has been a mentor to many and altruistically supports the spa community.”
Kristi Konieczny, Founder, The Spa Buzz

“Rianna Riego is an extremely talented and self driven individual. Her extensive knowledge of the spa industry is surpassed by very few in this business. She has a wealth of resources in the industry and strives to be on the cutting edge of where the industry is going at all times.”
Ani Dumas, Spa and Sport Director, Morgan Run Club and Resort

“I have known Rianna for over 5 yrs and she has proven time and time again to be an invaluable resource. With her combination of guest service and financial acronym Rianna is one of the most well rounded Spa Directors in the industry. Even with over 16 yrs of spa experience I still value and rely on Rianna’s valued input. I would highly recommend Rianna in any capacity in the spa industry.”
Damien Craft, Assistant Spa Director, Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa

“Rianna is a very passionate and helpful collegue in the spa industry. Over the last four years, Rianna has been very helpful in assisting me in furthering my career, providing feedback on policies, connecting me with successful vendors and lending an ear when needed. She is always been professional and helpful regarding anything that I have needed.”
Chris Niederschulte, Spa Manager, ZaSpa, Hotel ZAZA Houston

“Rianna is dedicated to giving you the most detailed,cost effective program within your company's budget. She is the "Best" in the industry, her creativity is always ‘out of the box' and top notch!“
Eileen Higgins, President of Elite Meetings & Events of WA, Inc.

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