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"The Spa Industry is very small in comparison to others. For the same reason, reputation and solid performance is almost a public affair. Rianna has the character of a true leader and truly loves what she does. While working for various hospitality and spa companies for several years, her track record has continuously built the experience and talent to master the art of leading spa operations and handle any project as a consultant or general manager. I strongly recommend Rianna not only as an admiring colleague but also as somebody that shares her passion for the spa and wellness industry."
Alfredo Carvajal, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, Universal Companies

 “Rianna has what every spa consultant should have: deep experience in operations, a creative mind for new treatments and concepts, a clear communicative style, and a focused, results oriented approach to engagements. I highly recommend Rianna.” July 14, 2010
Jim Chenevey, CEO, EarthLite / Living Earth Crafts

“We have worked with Rianna on a number of projects. Rianna clearly has a committment to high quality standards from herself. She also demands high quality standards from her vendors. Quality is the long-term strategy and usually costs less in the end. Rianna understands this and incorporates this into her work.”
Charlie Slater, President/CFO, Spa Central

“Rianna was one of the best Spa Directors that I have ever worked with. She knows how to manage a spa and a large staff making Spa LaCost one of most successful spas at KSL Resorts. She took ownership and responsibility for the business and brought new and innovative ideas that we implemented within KSL Resorts improving customer service, sales and profits. Rianna knows how to build partnerships with her vendors where they get involved in making her business very successful. Whoever uses Rianna as their consultant will be successful. She has impeccable people and business skills. I highly recommend her!” July 13, 2010
Ken Simpson, KSL Resorts and Skin 2 Skin Care

“I have been a colleague of Rianna's for over 9 years.  Rianna's expertise exemplifies what it takes to be successful in today's challenging environment. Not only does Rianna understand the operations of spa but equally proficient in the many areas needed to maxize ROI and branding. Rianna is exciting to work with as projects and opportunities are always something new and different. She is a woman of integrity and a person I'm thankful I had the opportunity to meet in the early stages of my hospitality career! I look forward to many more years and opportunities brainstorming with Rianna.”
Merri Gleckler, President / Owner, Kashwere

“Rianna is a true professional, during the time I have known and worked with her over the years her passion for the industry is exceptional. Rianna's standards are second to none and she simplifys what we all shoud be striving for. I would not hesitate to ask for Rianna's help, advice and support in any aspect of of our industry. Liz Verbruggen” April 20, 2010
Liz Verbruggen, President US Operations, Aromatherapy Associates

“In the several years that I have known Rianna, she stands out as one of the strongest leaders in our industry. I have seen her eagerness to help others learn and to guide them in the most outstanding manner. She is truly sincere in her dedication to the industry and one of the most ethical and honest individuals I have ever known. Her diligent work habits and attention to detail is unsurpassed!” May 26, 2010
Dar Reiss-Depp, Owner, Thalgo LaBeauty Marine - Distributor USA

“On many levels, Rianna is someone I count on for expert opinions and guidance in the spa industry. Few individiuals I know posses her incredible people skills and ability to make connections on high levels. For years to come, she will continue to be a great friend and trusted resouce to Ageless Esthetics.”
Rob Insinger, CEO, Ageless Aesthetics, Inc.

“I began working with Rianna as our company was newly introduced to the Spa Industry, having the foresight to bring our products to Star Pass from our initial release. She is among the most prolific individuals I have had the pleasure of working with, providing an unmatched wealth of knowledge and clairvoyance. Rianna's vision, insight and drive not only push herself to achieve new levels, but have challenged and provided support for our company to maintain on the edge of innovation and performance - always with an innate understanding of both her role, and ours as a resource partner and supplier.” April 20, 2010
Melissa Mao, VP of Marketing & Business Development, Spa Revolutions

“Rianna is one of the most disciplined and committed professionals I’ve ever known. No task is too small or large. Her ability to work and excel under stressful conditions, while always meeting challenges with a posture of excellence speaks volumes about her diligence, determination and her composed demeanor. In general Rianna is a compassionate and dedicated individual encompassing great perseverance and ambition. She has mastered her craft and always takes the time to help others master theirs. I strongly recommend partnering with Rianna on any level! Quite simply, she's the best!” April 22, 2010
Paula Derrick, VP of Sales, Marketing, & Education, Babor Cosmetics

 “For over 10 years, I have known Rianna Riego -both professionally and personally. Rianna is truly an amazing person -as she is that rare individual who is a proven performer and has the unique ablity to build a winning team wherever she worked and achieve results that consistently exceed operational profit objectives. At the same time, Rianna would always take careful steps to ensure her team continues to grow professionally so they could perform at the highest level. Like all great leaders, Rianna inspires excellence among her peers and communicates a unique vision to solve problems that always seemed to dead on correct. Lastly, Rianna's constant reccomendations and advisory to me as a resource provider to the Spa Industry have proved invaluable to our company -Yeah Baby Private Label -and we continue to look to Rianna for insightful advise and guidance when developing new products. Overall, Rianna is one of the best and brightest I have worked with in the Spa Industry -and as the owner of Yeah Baby - I continue to look forward to each "advisory session" with Rianna -as she has helped us grow our business -year -after year.” July 15, 2010
Lawrence Grum, Managing Director, Yeah Baby  

“I had the pleasure of working with Rianna on the development of new service menu items for her spa and found her to be extraordinarily knowledgeable regarding all facets of her responsibilities. The passion she has for her work and the joy in which she goes about her responsibilities is both impressive and infectious. I have no hesitation in recommending Rianna and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again soon.”
Shannon Britt, President, Ageless Aesthetics, Inc

“Rianna is a great team player and leader. I have had the pleasure of knowing her and working with her for a number of years and in different roles. Through this time, she has always been helpful, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. She has true passion for the spa and wellness industry and is a great asset to anyone who has met her and worked with her.” April 23, 2010
Chloe Raykova, Senior Account Service Representative, Kerstin Florian International

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