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“Rianna exhibits incredible business acumen and she is very focused. She is always professional and a take charge person who is analytical and organized. In short she possesses the necessary skills to take a business to the next level.” June 26, 2010
April Shute, VP / General Manager, La Costa Resort and Spa

“Rianna has not only a deep expertise in the spa business but a work ethic to accomplish her goals.I always reach out to Rianna for new and exsisting trends ,new product ideas and a strong operator lense on the community.” April 20, 2010
Robin Uler, Chief Creative Officer, Marriott International

“Rianna is an energetic, intelligent and articulate executive. She has operated successful businesses and consulted others effectively. I highly recommend Rianna as one who could really help a business-- particularly Spa and Fitness entities--get well established and grow.” April 23, 2010
Ed Eynon, VP HR, KSL Resorts

“Rianna is very passionate about her work in the Spa Industry. She knows virtually everyone in the business and is always networking in order to find out what's new. She is a very creative and innovative individual who is open to trying new things. Rianna also knows the business side of Spa. She has the ability to quickly assess what is happening and make recommendations to improve profitability. I highly endorse Rianna to anyone who wants to make their Spa better!”
June 16, 2010
Sharon Nixon, Director of Human Resources, La Costa Resort and Spa

“I had the pleasure of working with Rianna during her tenure as Director of the Spa at La Costa, one of the best known resort spas in the US. Rianna took an already good product to another level entirely. Her knowledge of spas, her financial savvy, and her dedication to service make her one of the best Spa Directors in the industry. I would recommend Rianna to any spa owner that is looking to improve their profitability, their product offering, reputation and overall service. She can provide ROI at any price!” July 13, 2010
George Allen, Director of Sales, La Costa Resort and Spa

“Rianna has a tremedous ability to quickly analyze and understand the nuances of a spa. While at La Costa Rianna optimized product, services, and employees and took the La Costa Spa to another level financially. Rianna's passion for the spa is unmatched and through her passion she was able to educate and inspire our staff to new guest service standards never reached before in the spa. Teacher, Mentor and Business Woman. Rianna is the total package.”
Kyle McCarthy, Assistant Director of Human Resources, La Costa Resort and Spa

"It is my pleasure to recommend my mentor and one of my best friends, Rianna Riego, as one of the most knowledgeable spa leaders and visionaries. I came to know Rianna back in 2006 at La Costa Resort & Spa when she was the Director for this 42 treatment room mega Spa. Rianna really understands the operations processes of any type of spa regardless of its size and was able teach me how to achieve great financial results, build an engaged team and exceed guest satisfaction. Without her leadership and mentorship I wouldn’t hold the position that I hold today as the Executive Director for The Spa at Doral."
William Arango, Executive Spa Director, Doral Golf Resort & Spa

“Rianna is the strength that drives the business to the next level and keeps on pushing until there is nothing like that operation in the industry. She has a presence that inspires her team to rise to the occasion.” May 22, 2010
Nancy King, Spa Director, Hotel Del Coronado

“The four plus years that I spent working with Rianna at La Costa Spa were the most impactful of my entire career. She taught me to be a better leader by challenging me to always take it a step further. Her passion, commitment and knowledge base seem unending. She’s a natural at mentoring leaders. All of the spa managers that I worked with in the past under Rianna’s leadership have gone on to become Spa Directors, including myself. That in my opinion sums up her value. Any organization that she works with is very fortunate to have her. She has my highest recommendation.” June 8, 2010
Stephanie DeCuir, Spa Director at Spa Namara at the Stratford Inn

“Rianna was a consistent and positive mentor for me upon entering the spa industry and working in Marriott International. Her energy is contagious and her spirit and passion for what she does is truly a testiment to her success in the industry. Rianna has always been one step ahead with information, ideas, and creating success where ever she has chosen to work. I know that if I have a question or need advice I can rely on Rianna's honest opinion and professional advice.” April 25, 2010
Patty Field, Spa Director, Raindance Spa

“I had the pleasure of adopting Rianna as my mentor when I first became a Spa Director. My first Spa was 20,000 sq.ft. and 41 treatment rooms. Rianna was running her own spa at the time, yet she never made me feel as though she didn't have the time or interest to take me under her wing. She introduced me to key people in the industry, shared her challenges and solutions to issues I may confront, and encouraged me to attend conferences and to network as often as I could. Her direction and devotion to my success aided in just that. I succeeded! She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and I hope to continue to work in the industry with her no matter what that connection may be.”
Karen Cawley, VP Sales, SpaTime Now

“Rianna is professional, as committed to financial wellness as she is to mind/body wellness and offers her associates the opportunity to learn. She knows the spa industry and new trends, treatments and what her guests are looking for. Her ability to organize information, people and spreadsheets is unmatched, and is an invaluable resource on anything spa.”
Cindy Lawrence, Director of PR, La Costa Resort and Spa

“Rianna is a goal-oriented, high energy professional who focuses on an organization's best interests and applies "big picture" strategies to take it to the next level. My level of corporate professionalism grew immensely under her direction, and as I worked with Rianna after six years with Disney, that says a lot. I would reccomend Rianna to anyone who wants to upgrade their business and increase their levels of success.”
Kim Veon, Spa Sales Manager, La Costa Resort and Spa

“Rianna is driven and has a superior work ethic. She is detail oriented and a multi-tasker. Rianna was loved by her mebmers/clients as it was easy for her to establish relationships. She is dedicated to customer service and client service. Her wealth of knowledge and background in the spa industry will serve you well.” July 14, 2010
Gail G. Gentry, Director, Membership Sales & Services, Grand Wailea

“It was a pleasure working with Rianna over the past three and a half years. She brings a wealth of business and financial savy to any organization, yet she balances the personal growth and well being of all those around her. I hope our paths will cross again.”
Kimberly Rice, National Sales Manager, La Costa Resort and Spa

“Rianna is a knowledgeable and passionate leader in the spa industry. She keeps abreast of industry trends and is very well connected-- she knows how to operate a spa and how to get things done.”
Denise Chapman, Director of Marketing, La Costa Resort and Spa, at KSL Resorts

“Rianna has so much knowledge of the spa and wellness industry. She's open to ideas, and is creative and realistic. Additionally, Rianna has a great business sense - anticipating results and being proactive.
I value her drive, and respect her professionally and personally.   She has my highest recommendation.”
Sara Snyder, Spa Sales Manager, La Costa Resort and Spa

“Rianna Riego is a passionate professional who not just excelled here at La Costa but always stretched and improved the concept of the spa experience. Her forward thinking, and “can-do” attitude comes with the level of operational coordination and understanding that is most appreciated by her fellow Department Directors. Her positive mindset and ever-present smile makes her a pleasure to work with.”
Darren Grabinski, Director of Housekeeping, La Costa Resort and Spa

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